Jan 162012
Caroline Holliday Bellefleur is Noneteen again

Caroline is 19 again


How did Caroline Bellefleur @MeemawBellefleu the Grand Dame Belle of Bon Temps, Louisiana and Stan Davis @VampireStan end up together? A quick story.

In the 1930’s Stan, who was then a Texas Ranger, spoke at the Descendants of the Glorious Dead Meeting. Caroline was all of 16. Stan was enamoured with her and came to call on her. They had lots of fun, riding horses, talking, sitting by the fire. There was one thing strange about Captain Stan Davis. He never came out in the sunlight. He attributed it to a virus, but in reality, he was a Vampire. Back then, Vampires weren’t out of the closet. He wouldn’t dare tell her then.

After a year of fun, Stan disappeared. He realized that Caroline deserved a normal family, husband, children. So he left. Fast forward 70 years later. He appeared on her doorstep, looking as handsome as he did in 1936. She fainted. After explaining that he left for family business, he begged forgiveness. She was an old woman, but this didn’t stop him. With a concoction of Vampire Blood and magic, Caroline was 19 again. Now Caroline wasn’t aware Stan was a Vampire, he was waiting to figure out how to tell her as not to scare her. After a time, he sat her down, he could lie no more. Stunned with disbelief, Caroline took in the information, and decided that her heart loved him no matter what. Since that time there have been close calls, kidnappings, near death experiences, vacations and lots of fun.

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